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Mobile and Games

I have been wanting to build a mobile game for quite a while now.

I guess I should just go ahead and do it! Since I’m not really a fan of the fruit phone, Android it is! Yea.

After googling for the past hour or so, I think it will probably be better that it is build from scratch, I would learn more and have better control over it. I will try to document what I have learn in here.

Let’s do it.


My First Server

Hokay, I have just signed up for 1 year of VPS with linode. YAY!

I only had some experience with linux server at my previous job, and I DID take a module on server administration. Hopefully that is enough background for now. If not, I will have to consult my geek guru.

Objectives, to bring both sites (www.nobstudio.com & http://www.monstergamebox.com) under 1 server. Increase the max limits for apache so that we wont encounter error messages anymore. Probably someday, I may set up a multiplayer server for our flash game *dream*.


  • Up Ubuntu server
  • Apache 2
  • PHP 5
  • MySQL
  • Set up Virtual Host
  • Set up phpMyAdmin
  • FTP server
  • Migrate http://www.monstergamebox
  • Migrate http://www.nobstudio.com
  • Server Firewall
  • Change DNS records !! 1. MGB 2. NB
  • Set Up SFS Pro (try out the 20 user limit version)
  • Set Up Chat
  • Redo NobStudio (CodeIgniter)
  • Code R.O.B.O.R.B.
  • Re-skin witch hunt 2 for Halloween
  • A few work for hire projects
  • Earn my 1st million

OMFG, that too much. Ok 1 at a time.

I think its almost done

Started building a portal for flash games a few months ago. Thought it was easy at first, downloaded a php script and started modifying. But I wanted more, and it couldn’t provide, and so I begin coding all from scratch.

MonsterGameBox - Play Free Online Games

MonsterGameBox - Play Free Online Games

MonsterGameBox is built using php + smarty template engine. If only I had heard of cakephp earlier. Anyway, it is almost done. I have more plans for it, e.g. a highscore API to be build into this site’s Database, games running on points that they need to earn e.t.c.

Learned quite a bit, especially on mod_rewrite for apache server, rewriting the site’s URL from something like “?page=play&gameid=102” to “http://www.monstergamebox.com/game/1509/Witch-Hunt:-Nooboo-Mary.html” hehe, shameless self promotion. Anyway, I will try to post an article about that later, when I have more time.

Meanwhile enjoy the games.

Something that Im going to delete later

Just registered another technorati account. This post is just its verification

Technorati Profile

Actionscript: Copying Objects & Arrays

Came across this problem while creating a save function for our latest game.

We have this object _root.allVars which contains several other objects and arrays which we need to save locally using SharedObjects. So this was what I did.

sObj = SharedObject.getLocal('gamesave');
sObj.data.allVars = new Object();
sObj.data.allVars = _root.allVars;

This works fine, but when you update 1 of the variables in _root.allVars, the values that are store locally with sObj.data.allVars gets updated. To rectify this,

instead of
sObj.data.allVars = _root.allVars;
do this

for(var i:String in _root.allVars)
  sObj.data.allVars[i] = _root.allVars[i];

Once again, this works fine if _root.allVars has only 1 level of variables, i.e. all its variable are either Strings / Numbers / Booleans. After searching around, asking, I finally found the best solution for this, a recursive function.

function copy(to, from)
  for(var i in from)
    if(typeof from[i] == "object" || typeof from[i] == "array")
      if(typeof from[i] == "object")
        to[i] = new Object();
      if(typeof from[i] == "array")
        to[i] = new Array();
      copy(to[i], from[i]);
      to[i] = from[i];

to use this function

copy(sObj.data.allVars, _root.allVars);

You can even use this to copy/duplicate Objects/Arrays.

The original Objects Duplication codes are from here.

Our Joomla! got hacked

Our website, www.nobstudio.com was hack last night

0wned By BeyazKurt , cHs | Albanian C0der Kosova HackerS Group [KHG]

I did some googling, seems like Joomla! has a severe security issue a few weeks back, where even its own site, http://www.joomla.org was hacked.

Just a word of advice, update your Joomla! NOW!


allow an unauthenticated, unauthorized user to reset the password of the first enabled user (lowest id). Typically, this is an administrator user.

Hello world!

I thought since I have already decide I want to code, or maybe I should put it as, develop games as a career. I should be geek enough to have my own tech. blog. So here it is.

I shall document what I have learn, experience on work and school projects here. It is also good to document them down so that I can refer to them later.

Cheers !!